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Reindear Productions presents The Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare at The Berry Patch, Turner's Beach TAS on December 9, and Small Wonder Wines, Kayena TAS on December 19 at 4.30 pm.

With its witty dialogue, slapstick humour, and a plot full of mistaken identities, The Comedy of Errors is not to be missed. All the action takes place in one city over 24 hours, observing Antipholus and Dromio of Syracuse searching for their long-lost brothers in Ephesus while regularly mistaken for their twins.


Our production will be set in the 1990s. That's right, get ready for fanny packs, excess hair gel, and double denim.


Don't miss out on this unique show, including plenty of food and beverages on offer at this OUTDOOR event. Book your tickets now and get ready to laugh until your sides hurt!

The Comedy Of Errors_FINAL_A4.jpg
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