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Too Stinky to Bear


At the heart of this play is the friendship between three 80s-obsessed children. Set in a version of modern-day Australia, Too Stinky to Bear is a one-act play combining drama, comedy, and fantasy. Louise has Pulmonary Hypertension and needs a lung transplant.

       Her condition is exacerbated by her Mum, mistakenly, throwing out her favourite teddy because he's “too stinky”. Her best friends Nick and Billy help her escape the hospital and head to the mysterious Tip to find Teddy. However, they soon discover that things come alive there at night! Can they band together and overcome seemingly insurmountable odds?


Too Stinky to Bear is a fun, short play that both children and adults can enjoy and serves as a reminder of how meaningful friendships can be.





June 28-29 at Latrobe Memorial Hall

July 5-6 at Little Theatre, Deloraine

Tickets & Times TBC

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